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Binary Diaminodiphenylsulphone Eutectic Alloy

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Binary Diaminodiphenylsulphone Eutectic Alloy for Increased DGEBF Epoxy Solubility


In the present work, a binary eutectic curative alloy consisting of 4,4’-diaminodiphenylsulphone (4,4’-DDS) and 3,3’-diaminodiphenylsulphone (3,3’-DDS) is hypothesized to have increased solubility in diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-F (DGEBF). Curative alloys with compositions ranging from 100 to 0% 4,4’-DDS in 10% increments were produced through reprecipitation from acetone and isolated through simple filtration. Phase transitions were measured using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and verified visually with thermomicroscopy. Utilizing this data, a phase diagram for reprecipitated 4,4’-DDS-3,3’-DDS alloys is proposed. The DSC thermograms obtained in the study revealed three endothermic transitions that with onset temperatures of 124.60, 130.97, and 140.72 °C. The transition occurring at 130.97 °C was common to each composition tested, but the transitions occurring at 124.60 and 140.72 °C were only evident when the molar ratio of 4,4’-DDS ranged from 0.9 to 0.4 and 0.9 to 0.7, respectively. It was determined that a eutectic composition exists at a 50:50 molar ratio between the two curatives, and depending on sample preparation method, have onsets of eutectic melting at 130.97 °C for reprecipitated alloy and 124.60 °C for physically blended alloy. Reprecipitated 4,4’-DDS, 3,3’-DDS and the 50% 4,4’DDS eutectic alloy were analyzed for their relative solubilities in DGEBF epoxy using thermomicroscopy. The eutectic curative alloy fully solubilized before the epoxy reached 96 °C, whereas the reprecipitated 4,4’-DDS and 3,3’-DDS fully solubilized at 134 and 146 °C. The solubility of the 50:50 DDS eutectic alloy in DGEBF epoxy was significantly greater than either of the pure para- or meta-substituted DDS isomers


Authors: Matthew A. Patterson, Jade E. Pearson, Jeffrey S. Wiggins


Conference: CAMX 2016 – Anaheim


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