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Miralon® Conductive Additive for Epoxy Adhesives

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Miralon® Conductive Additive for Epoxy Adhesives


Dissipation of static charge is a critical consideration, particularly in the aerospace industry.  Applications include coatings, adhesives, insulation, composites, reinforcements and incorporation into electrical components.  Formulating an epoxy system with resistivity in the conductive or low static dissipative range could greatly impact satellites and other space-bound vehicles.  Miralon® Pulp (MP) consists of carbon nanotube (CNT) material produced by Floating Catalyst Chemical Vapor Deposition (FC-CVD), and can be used as a conductive additive to polymers and epoxy resins.  The FC-CVD process makes very long (> 1 mm) CNT’s which coalesce into a long-range network of branched bundles.  This structure persists through the pulping process, and once properly dispersed, creates a long-range network of indefinite length within the polymer.  Conductive additives, such as carbon black (CB) or powdered CNT’s can create an epoxy resin with bond resistance values in the tera-ohm to mega-ohm range.  The addition of MP to the same epoxy system has been shown to produce resistances less than a kilo-ohm.  Properly dispersed Miralon® Pulp can enable conductivity and strength in polymer systems that is not obtainable using other conductive additives.


Author: Mark W. Schauer, Ashley Davis, and Eitan C. Zeira 


Conference: SAMPE Seattle 2017


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